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Robyn's Marinara Sauce

Have I mentioned that I LOVE pasta....all kinds. I'm the first one to go the quick route and use store bought sauce, and doctor it up a little. But when I have the time to make my own sauce, it makes me think why do I ever buy the other. The taste is so much better. So, when I have the time this recipe is how I treat my family (and myself). Even my Mother asked for this recipe.


1 (15 ounce) can tomato sauce
1 (15 ounce) can pureed tomatoes
1/2 can tomato paste
1 can chicken broth-start with 1/2 can & add as you need.
1/2 chopped onion
2 large garlic cloves-minced
olive oil
basil-chopped fresh, to taste
salt & pepper to taste


1. Heat olive oil in pot, add onion and garlic....saute until softened.
2. Add tomato sauce, puree, paste, & chicken broth (**). Add more broth to get desired consistancy.
3.Heat until bubbly on medium, reduce to low, cover, stirring periodically about 1 hour.
4. Taste...if too acidic add 1 to 2 tbl of butter to sauce.
5. During the last 15 minutes, add fresh basil to sauce.

**I use chicken broth when the meat I'm serving is chicken...ex: chicken parmesan; but if I'm making meat sauce or meatballs, I use beef broth instead.